Friday April 12th, 2024
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Love is Revolutionary: A Photo Exhibit Curated by Kalam Aflam

The Paris-based initiative, Kalam Aflam, spotlights the power of love as a revolutionary force through a photography exhibition.

Farah Desouky

Love is Revolutionary: A Photo Exhibit Curated by Kalam Aflam

In the month of love, amidst the flurry of red teddy bears and mass-produced gestures, it's easy to overlook love as a catalyst for revolution. Yet, this profound force, transcending clichés of romance, has the power to shape communities and forge unbreakable bonds that withstand even the harshest of realities—borders, wars, and beyond. Love inspires sacrifice and fuels belief, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Last month, the Paris-based initiative Kalam Aflam celebrated precisely this notion with 'Love is Revolutionary', the fourth edition of their events spotlighting Arab artists in the diaspora. This collective gathering, grounded in the idea of love as a revolutionary catalyst, showcased a photography exhibition featuring poignant visual narratives that explore love's presence in our lives amidst war, loss, grief, and resistance.

In collaboration with Shofto and La Palestine Nous Rassemble, the exhibition, curated through an online open call, showcased the works of emerging Arab and North African artists, including Mohamed Enani, Ambre Kellache, Layal Sadek, Sonia Aoula, Mia Bendrimia, Kenza Belkadi, Hicham Touili-Idrissi, Sarra B., and Naila Salmi. Their compelling pieces captured the complexities of love in diverse contexts, offering viewers a profound reflection on the enduring power of this transformative emotion.

Emma Bert Lazli 

Kawthar + Fattah

Mia Bendrimia 


Hicham Touili-Idrissi

Rien à Vendre

Naila Salmi

Al Bahr Al Hob

Sanoia Aoula


Kenza Belkadi

Al Hob Thawra

Sonia Aoula


Sarra B. 

Pink Contemplation

Mia Bendrimia


Mia Bendrimia