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We're Getting a Cinematic Universe of Arabic Superheroes

Move aside Iron Man, there's a new cinematic universe of superhero movies, and it will feature some of the most exciting actors in the Arab world.

The superhero world is pretty diverse when you think about it. There’s a white American from California, a white American from New York, and a white American from a different part of New York. Alright, we kid. It’s actually starting to look a little richer in terms of representation, but let’s be honest - we’re lacking some positive Arab representation with our on-screen heroics. A Middle Eastern production team has taken matters into their own hands, launching the first Arab drama centred on the world of superheroes titled ‘The World of W’.

Directed by Yassin Hassan and written by Karim Osama, the series will feature a star-studded cast from across the Arab world including Hamada Helal, Mohamed El Sharnouby, Sherif Ramzy, Mohammed Lutfi Al-Saudi, Qusay Khader, Musab al-Iraqi, and Saif Halim.

The first season of the series will consist of five to six episodes, which have been written with regional and international audiences in mind, and will be filmed with the latest cutting-edge graphic equipment. Supposedly, this technology has never been used before in the Middle East, with the producer noting that the cinematography of the show will be comparable to Marvel’s cinematic universe. A bold claim, for sure, but what kind of superheroes would we get if we weren’t being bold?