Saturday April 1st, 2023
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Egypt Establishes New Societal Police Force

The Egyptian State Council has approved the formation of a new law enforcement force to be manned by civilians.

Staff Writer

In an effort to increase Egypt’s stability, the legislation committee at the Egyptian State Council has approved the establishment of the new branch of law enforcement called the “Societal Police.”

According to a ruling that took place on October 18th, the Societal Police will made up of civilians who will be granted extraordinary powers like the power of arrest. The only training that will be provided to this new force is an 18-month programme that will teach skills like martial arts and what to do during riots.

The criteria in which candidates for the programme will be selected is yet to be determined by the Interior Ministry, who will be managing and overseeing the new force. As one can expect, the creation of this new force was heavily debated as some believe it will increase security, while others fear that it will result in negative impacts on personal and political freedoms.

On one side, the establishment of new civilian based force may create new job opportunities, while increasing police presence in neighbourhoods often left unpatrolled. However, at the heart of the criticism is the fear that a lack of proper training will create a new wave of 'bad cops'. Obviously the list of pros and cons could go on forever, however only time will tell whether the “Societal Police” will use their new powers for good rather than evil. Either way expect to see more police on your street soon.