Saturday July 13th, 2024
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New Egyptian Initiative Helps Inventors Turn Patents Into Products

The P2 initiative will help Egyptian inventors transform their patents into marketable products to bolster the knowledge economy.

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New Egyptian Initiative Helps Inventors Turn Patents Into Products

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) has launched the P2 Initiative, which aims to support inventors by transforming their patented inventions into marketable products in order to bolster the knowledge economy and promote the 'Made in Egypt' brand.

The P2 Initiative provides inventors with financial support, while leveraging the vast potential of underutilised Egyptian-registered patents. These patents hold promising applications for both local and global markets, presenting an opportunity to introduce cutting-edge technologies to Egyptian industries.

Aligned with the ASRT's third executive plan (2022-2026), the P2 Initiative plays a vital role in reducing Egypt's reliance on imports and stimulating domestic manufacturing. By encouraging inventors to transform their ideas into tangible products, the initiative contributes to the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem within the country.

The academy has played a pivotal role in supporting the commercial manufacture of a locally-made electric car and critical medical devices such as ventilators for intensive care rooms.

While the registration deadline remains undisclosed, Egyptian inventors are encouraged to sign up now by visiting