Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Saudi-Based CTRL AI Launches a Revolutionary AI-Powered Business Tools

Available in both English and Arabic, this powerful suite of AI tools hails a new era of optimisation for business tasks.

Startup Scene

Saudi-based CTRL AI launched an impressive array of business tools powered by GPT-3. Available in both English and Arabic, its powerful suite of AI tools is designed to make businesses more efficient and successful.

CTRL AI is able to perform your daily tasks, such as writing and replying to emails, writing job descriptions, and drafting LinkedIn articles and Twitter posts. The app will even carry out more thought-intensive tasks such as generating start-up ideas and helping you brainstorm.

This represents a significant step forward for businesses, particularly those operating in Arabic. By developing the solution of automating tedious daily tasks, CTRL AI is freeing up more time for business professionals to focus on the bigger picture.

The global race to create revolutionary AI-powered business tools has long been underway, with businesses around the world harnessing artificial intelligence in their business operations to streamline processes and take efficiency to the next level.