Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Shops Will Be Fined 5000LE For Failing To Supply Garbage Can in Store Front

In the first move of it's kind in the capital, reports have emerged that the governor of Cairo will make it mandatory for any retail establishment to provide garbage cans.

Staff Writer

There is more garbage on Egypt’s streets than road signs. A nation of litterers seem to think that it is someone else job to follow them around to clean up after them. Making matters worse is the fact that a garbage can is harder to find than a park. Looking to finally address this stinky issue, Youm7 is reporting that Cairo’s governorate has announced on Sunday that they will be fining owners of shops 5000LE for not placing a trash bin outside their establishments.

The announcement comes amidst a campaign to improve sanitation around the capital. Talking to Youm7, Cairo’s governor, Galal el-Saeed explains: “There is a remarkable improvement in the cleaning system, and there are continuous meetings with foreign companies responsible for cleaning districts.”

The latest fine follows a similar decision made in the Giza Governorate at the end of June, which placed a fine of 1000LE for anyone littering. We are yet to hear of anyone being fined for littering, however, believe that the change is needed if Egypt hopes to clean up its act. Although we haven’t heard of anyone receiving a littering fine, the encouraging sign that this strategy may work is the earlier decision to make it mandatory for shops to install surveillance camera as a condition for commercial licensing in a effort to improve safety and catch violators.

Since the decision was made, a noticeable change can be observed as shops seem to be complying with government installing cameras. Considering that it is cheaper to buy a garbage can than a surveillance system, we hope shops will swiftly comply and streets will be noticeably cleaner in coming months. The key here as always will be enforcing the fines, and after a few who fail to comply are held accountable, Egypt should hopefully see a noticeable improvement.