Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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76% of MENA Millennials Support Equal Rights for Women, Study Finds

The 2016 Global Millennial Viewpoints Survey provides insightful findings into Egypt's workforce.

Staff Writer

Last week’s Careers@Hilton, a yearly event connecting young hopefuls aiming to have a career in the hospitality industry, presented the Global Millennial Viewpoints Survey (GMVS), which had the sample size of 7,600 young participants across 30 countries. The findings were fielded in July, August, and September 2016. 

From its findings in Egypt, the survey featured useful statistics important to employers working within or outside the hospitality industry. According to the survey, more than half (52%) of young people surveyed look for job opportunities with more flexibility in work hours to balance work and home life, around a third (35%) prefer opportunities requiring them to move to different regions and countries, while more than half (60%) were satisfied with internship and apprenticeship opportunities they could find within Egypt, and nearly half (45%) prefer customer relations. Conducted in September 2016, the GMVS aims to understand subjects as varied as economic opportunity, health, and governance.

The survey found that the strongest influence on an Egyptian youth’s choice of sector is initial salary, also that among all surveyed regions, participants from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were the least satisfied with their education, with 64% of Egyptian millennials sharing the sentiment. 76% of MENA respondents believe that they will make as much as they want, while 73% believe they will be able to get the job they want, and 58% believe that their standard of living will be better than that of their parents.

On a more general note, the findings show that within the MENA region, 76% believe that women should have the same rights as men, and 36% disagree with the idea that they can find the proper healthcare when they need it. 

Careers@Hilton Week was created by the global hotel chain to showcase job opportunities available to young people interested in the hospitality industry, but the event is one of many events hosted by Hilton around the world to inspire young people with exciting and diverse career opportunities.