Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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British Royal Air Force to Soar High at Hurghada Air Show 2022

The British and Egyptian air forces’ aerobatic teams are set to make aerial moves by the Red Sea this November.

Cairo Scene

The British Royal Air Force’s aerobatic team, Red Arrows, has landed in Egypt to participate in the Hurghada Air Show 2022 on November 30th.

The Red Arrows will soar through the skies of Sahel Hasheesh on the coast of the Red Sea alongside the Egyptian Air Force’s own aerobatic team, Silver Stars. The aerobatic demonstration hopes to inspire gasps and applause, all while spotlighting this glittering coastal city.

The event has been organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It follows the success of the previous Egyptian air show held last August, where the South Korean air force’s Black Eagles put on an aerobatic show of their own over the Great Pyramids of Giza.