Saturday April 1st, 2023
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EGP 4.4 Billion Allocated to Develop Red Sea Governorate

From the sanitation sector to road pavement, the budget will work on elevating the day to day life for Red Sea citizens.

Cairo Scene

The Egyptian government allocated EGP 4.4 billion to develop the Red Sea government, which will mostly cover sanitation, health services, and road paving. 

In terms of sanitation, multiple sewage stations and networks will be expanded or replaced, while drinking water stations will be renewed. There will also be a project to create infrastructure capable of withstanding heavy rain. 

New primary care units will be developed in the governorate, while more specialised medical centres will be established, with preexisting care hospitals receiving upgrades to their equipment.

The Red Sea governorate’s entrance will also be redesigned, while a multitude of mosques will be restored. Buildings for the State Cases Authority will be established to better provide judicial services. Additionally, social services buildings, including centres for the treatment of individuals with disabilities in the city of Qusayr and rehabilitation centres throughout the governorate at large, will also be built.