Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Fintech Innovator valU Wins E-Commerce Award

It's the second award the company has won this year.

Staff Writer

It's not in any way farfetched to say that, since launching at the start of 2018, Egyptian fintech payment solution startup and mobile app, valU, has revolutionised the way we shop – something that has been quite rightly recognised at the 2019 Payments Award by E-Commerce.

With a committee of experts and thought-leaders judging the EFG Hermes company to be the very best in its field, the award is, in short, a very big deal and it’s considered one of the most prestigious in the retail.

What does valU do exactly?

Well, it’s all very simple and convenient. Aiming to address and help ease the jump in prices of, well, everything over the last few years, valU allows users to make purchases of products and services ranging from fashion and accessories, to electronics and appliances, to car services & parts, furniture, flight tickets and even clinics through its massive network of over 2,500 vendors – all through the app, which allows you to finance purchases via instalments ranging between 3 and 36 month plans, online and in-store.

What really makes valU both unique and valuable to the modern Egyptian’s lifestyle is its flexibility. In addition to essentially allowing you to cater your payment plan to your every need, it has also introduced special plans such as 'Hat-trick', which grants customers 0% interest when paying over three months, with no down-payment. Plus, unlike so many pesky credit cards, everything about the process is transparent, which again feeds into how simple and straightforward the process is.

It’s been so impactful in providing payment solutions (and solutions is the key word here) and breaking down the usual barriers that have limited spending power across Egypt, that the Payments Award – which was announced at this year’s E-Commerce Summit in Cairo – isn’t even the first in 2019. Earlier this year, valU won a 2019 Seamless Award for Most Innovative Financial Technology. And you can see why – valU really has changed, not just the way we shop, but the way we live and the way in which we mould our lifestyles.

Oh and one more thing – look out for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount days. You’ll thank us later.

You can download the valU app here and find out more on the official Facebook page.

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