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Egyptian Woman Becomes the First Female Pilot to Fly EgyptAir's Biggest Jet Airliner

Clash actor Ahmed Malek's sister, Magda Malek, initially failed EgyptAir's flying test only to pass with flying colours the second time in 2008. Malek is now the first woman ever to pilot EgyptAir's biggest jet airliner, the Boeing 777-333.

Egyptian women are increasingly conquering fields that have traditionally been dominated by men; just last week, Egypt appointed its first female governor. This week, news surfaced about Magda Malek, the first Egyptian female pilot to fly EgyptAir's biggest jet airliner, the Boeing 777-333, El Arabiya reports.

With 3400 hours of flying experience under her belt, Malek has set a record that far surpasses achievements by her male peers.

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Malek revealed that she inherited her passion for piloting from her father, Malek Adli, the former head of Egypt's pilot syndicate. She, however, usually chooses to conceal the association in order to avoid the perception of nepotism in the work place.

Initially, Malek failed the flying test at EgyptAir. Refusing to let that hold her back, she successfully passed the test when she took it again in 2008.

Egyptian women have long pioneered in aviation, with the world's second ever female pilot being Egypt's Lotfia El Nady, who was born in 1907 and piloted her first air plane in 1933.