Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Exit to Fill Sahel's Void This Summer

Come Eid, there will be a mass exodus from Cairo to Sahel ,and Dune's newest after hours club will be getting the brunt of it. Ready?

Staff Writer

Intelligent people have a tendency to stay up late; scientific or not, we know this to be true through firsthand experience – we never go to bed before 4 AM and look how far we've come in life! We stay up all night contemplating the cosmic void that is existence – you know, on the dance floor, with a cocktail in hand, because how else would you even begin to make sense of the myriad theories purporting to offer the answer to life, the universe, and everything?!

Old habits die hard, so instead we just carry them to Sahel in the summer. Of course, our nocturnal nature fits perfectly well in the beach town, but not everyone can keep up with our hyper nighttime alertness. We used to watch sunrises alone but that wasn’t the case last year, thanks to Sahel's after hours nightspot, Void. This summer, nights will only get longer as Sahel welcomes the new and improved incarnation of the nightery: Exit. You got that right, Void is no more and managing Exit is party experts Mohamed El Gazar and Mahmoud Zidan. “What used to be Void has now been rebooted and revamped with a new set up, a new sound system, and a brand new team. Exit will play host to some of the hottest international lineups of the season, paired with our favourite local DJs to provide the best after hours experience,” Project Manager Mahmoud Zidan tells us.

They have your Eid nighttime activities all planned for you with a stellar four-night lineup of the country’s favourite DJs. Kicking off the season on July 6th will be the ever-so-explosive deep house DJ duo Aguizi & Fahim followed by Nourre Fahmy. The next two nights will feature equally thrilling acts Third Son, Baher, Fayek, Ouzo, and Sebzz; and to wrap up the season, A.Salah with Karim Ossama and Abou Zaid will be spinning the night of July 9th away and sending our booties shaking for one last time.        

So why let those night-time existential panic attacks cramp your Sahel style when you can simply party the night away with the nation’s clubbing scene darlings?