Thursday June 20th, 2024
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How An Egyptian Mother's Tragedy Got Everyone Talking About Our Traffic Laws

Until serious legal action is taken, catastrophes like these will continue to occur on Egypt's roads on a daily basis.

Staff Writer

How An Egyptian Mother's Tragedy Got Everyone Talking About Our Traffic Laws

Imagine having to lose your child's life to the fact that roads in Egypt often don't have regulations, and if they do, they're often not abided by. One Egyptian mother Rabab Elmeligy, lost her young daughter Danya Abdurrahman on the Ring Road last week due to a reckless truck driver, who collided with Elmeligy's car twice – the second collision causing her child's death. 

Danya died immediately, while her twin sister Haya, and her mother were taken to the hospital. The father, Mohammed Abdurrahman, spoke to Dream TV's Sabah Dream show, and gave more details about the accident, and stated that after the two collisions, the truck driver actually attempted to escape the scene and was caught on the road by security forces.

Elmeligy took to social media to tell the tragedy of her daughter's death and raise awareness. She states that she doesn't want any financial compensations, what she wants is that no one feel the pain she felt in losing her child, and that can only be done through legal action. She directs some of her posts to Danya, promising and pledging to never let anyone get hurt the way she did:

Elmeligy's posts, which rapidly went viral on Egyptian social media, have sparked the discussion about road accidents, traffic laws, and encouraging many people to share their stories about losing loved ones and family members on Egypt's lawless roads, and finally, prompting users to copy and paste the following message for awareness and support:

The hashtags call for "illegalisation of trucks, trailers, and any transfer of goods on the road at peak hours," in addition to "a specific time schedule for driving according to the type of vehicles," and finally, "a medical check for all truck drivers."

Last night, on August 20th, Elmeligy stated that the first court hearing against the driver is on September 4th 2016.