Friday December 1st, 2023
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Mince Moves to the Beach

In the most delicious news we've heard all week, our favourite burger joint is hitting the beach with us this summer. Find out where...

Staff Writer

Nothing makes our mouths water quite as much as the mention of a juicy burger. Nothing satisfies our cravings, hits the spot and leaves us happy campers as much as one of Mince Burger's creative concoctions (hello blue cheese burger, aren't you simply divine?). And in the best news we've heard all week, the burger aficionados are picking up their tasty operation and taking it up to the coast. Yes, you can now finish a tiring day on the beach – and by tiring we mean the exhaustion of simply tanning and doing some serious drinking – and head to Mince for meal that'll soak all that booze right up! After Ramadan, that is. In the meantime – they're opening up THIS Friday – let us tell you that a giant burger laden with melted cheese, and accompanied by a side of hand-cut fries just so happens to make for a delicious Iftar and we say this with complete assuredness because we were treated to one such Iftar at their new Heliopolis branch just a few weeks ago.

Opening in Hacienda – the original one – they've also added some seriously sumptuous new items to their menu, including The Mexican (nothing to do with the Brad Pitt flop of a movie but it is something akin to a fajita in burger form), The Mozza (one serious hottie of a burger, though the name derives from the mozzarella cheese atop the burger), and our personal favourite, The Ultimelt. This Ultimelt features caramelised onions and pickles, but essentially it's a burger in between two bacon-and-gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously, if there was ever a burger worth suffering a heart attack for, this would be it.

On top of all this, they've also added a hot dog section, as well as some summer-appropriate frozen yogurt! If you're too lazy to move, you can call up for delivery (but only in Hacienda, sorry guys).

You can check out their Facebook page here, or follow them on Instagram @minceburgerseg.