Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Murky Nile Causes Multiple Water Purification Plants to Suspend Operations

The Nile is not looking its best these days, after recent floods have caused it to turn a murky brown, which has resulted in multiple water purification plants suspending operations until it clears up.

Staff Writer

Over the last couple of days, Egyptians have taken to social media to complain about the incredibly murky Nile, due to severe floods that hit the country last week. The water quality has become so bad that the State News Agency MENA is reporting that a number of water purification plants in Giza, Assuit, Sohag, and Qena governorates have halted operations until the Nile clears up.

In the interim, water plant officials have switched to reserve tanks in order to continue supplying citizens with water, and are encouraging those in the affected areas to stock up until the plant is able to resume operations.

The reason for the current level of murkiness stems from the torrential downfall that flooded parts of Upper Egypt on Thursday and Friday, which tragically claimed the lives of at least 26 people and injured 72 others.  

Photo by Mariam Raymone