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Parisian-Style Locks of Love Declaration by Egyptian Couple Goes Sour After Social Media Butts in

Foffa and J never thought their love lock on Stanley Bridge would stir so much controversy online, but it did, and now their love lock is broken and their love has been smeared. We hope, for their sake, the legends aren't true or they're in for a world of hurt and post-breakup weight gain.

An Egyptian couple thought it would be a good idea to share the romantic experience of locking their love locks to Alexandria's Stanley Bridge, only to be met with a wave of cynical mockery by Facebook users – most notably comedian Lido Oo, who shared a video commentary in which he ridiculed the couple with his 600+K Facebook followers.

But Lido Oo's video is not the only thing standing between them and happily ever after. We are sad to report that J and Foffa's love lock was forced open, according to a viral Facebook post, so looks like matrimonial bliss is just not in the cards for them. Sorry, kids.