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Som3a Basha Tent Is Back À La Balady-Chic For Ramadan

The much-anticipated Som3a Basha tent is back at Cairo Marriott this Ramadan, bringing together a lavish sohour experience combined with street food. We're stoked.

Of all the Ramadan tents popping up this year, we've been waiting for Som3a Basha. Aside from escaping to the Cairo Marriott every now and then for a home-away-from-the-torab getaway, we love what they do with their Som3a Basha Tent every Ramadan. We waited and waited, and they've finally announced that they're setting up and opening for Ramadan 2016! Tomorrow night, Thursday June 9th, Som3a Basha is kicking off for the holy month with a sohour to end all sohours – or, to start them.

Decorated with a strictly balady-chic ambiance all across the patio with tables sprawled all over and covered with small, cute lanterns, Som3a Basha is known for bringing the balady with a twist every year. They've got food carts with our favourite standard Egyptian dishes –à la Som3a Basha, of course – like foul, taameya, and sobia. But foul, taameya, and sobia aren't quite the same when they're served on a beautiful cloth of black and gold with Arabic calligraphy. For 175 LE per person, they’re providing the ultimate sohour, complemented with heaps of entertainment like live music and foosball – that way, you can tesalo nafsokom while eating and enjoying their signature sheesha. We've covered all the bases here, right?

Wait, concerned you might miss the Euro Cup matches? Don’t - Som3a Basha is also screening the Euro Cup, just in case your local ahwa with its terrible food doesn't suffice.

Som3a Basha is easily one of the most exciting Ramadan tents Cairo is offering this Ramadan (and every Ramadan, if we're honest). Ready? Set? Sohour.