Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Soprano Amira Selim Performs Ancient Hymn in Metaverse City 'Metatut'

The soprano will perform ‘Merut Uk’, a romantic song that was adapted from an ancient Egyptian poem.

Cairo Scene

Egyptian soprano Amira Selim is taking her passion for ancient Egyptian song into Metatut, the first Egyptian city in the metaverse. After having famously performed an ancient Egyptian hymn, ‘A Reverence for Isis’, at the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade in April 2021, Selim has taken on another ancient Egyptian song - ‘Merut Uk’, which translates to ‘My Love to You’ - which she will perform live in Metatut’s digital cityscape on December 28th.

‘Merut Uk’ is a romantic song that was adapted from an ancient Egyptian poem. Selim worked with Egyptologist and Deputy Director for Research and Programs at the American Research Center in Egypt, Yasmine El Shazly, to accurately perform the hymn and study its linguistic elements. 

 Launched by the ancient Egypt-inspired design brand Tutera to celebrate the centenary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, Metatut is inspired by the idea of what it would look like if King Tut rebuilt the ancient city of Amarna, which his father, Akhenaten, established as the new capital of ancient Egypt. The metaverse city includes an art gallery, an exhibition centre and a theatre for conferences and performances.