Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Take Back Black Friday With valU Friday Deals This November

This payment solution app has a special offer that will forever change Black Fridays as we know it.

Staff Writer

Last Black Friday, you hopelessly chased those end-of-year deals and found nothing but darkness. The light of hope was snuffed out as you fought against those who stood before you, snatching every deal and discount before you've had the chance to lift a single finger.  So you paid the price - the full, undiscounted price - after inconveniently questing through store after store. What was it all for? Truly, it was the Blackest Friday. A year has passed since you've left your wallet cold and empty. But this time it will be different. This time, you can be the hero that your wallet deserves. Because this Black Friday, you've got the valU app's valU Friday deals on your side.

valU is a fintech instalment app that provides flexible instalment payment solutions on just about everything you need, and with their valU Friday offers, you'll get a 10% cashback on all of your purchases – with no limits! You can use valU to buy from international retailers like Emporio Armani, Samsung and Virgin Megastore in addition to local vendors like Raneen, 2B and Brandshub. And valU recognises that the most important things aren't always bought from the mall: they also help you pay for travel services for those last-minute plans, and medical services for those unavoidable emergencies. With offers like these, valU Friday's 10% cashback is over and above the discounts you'd find in a regular store.

All you need to do is download valU, activate your account and head to the nearest store (or check out their website). Once you pick the product or service you like, just choose your instalment plan from the app and get the 10% cashback once you check-out. So not only will you be able to pay in instalments for all those necessary purchases, but - with the help of valU Friday - you'll get part of your money back instantly through the app.

Don't miss out on valU Friday, which will be available every day of the week until November 30th. If you happen to read this while driving around, you might as well check out valU’s booths in Cairo and Alexandria, or ask for a representative to come to you at Tanta or Mansoura. With valU's simple payment solutions, you can stay above the troubles and be the hero your wallet deserves.