Thursday June 20th, 2024
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This Egyptian Brand's New Mini Bags Will Make You Ditch Your Oversized Purse

Les Miniatures have released three collections so far, Désassemblé, Mini-malist, and their most recent, Fleurette.

Staff Writer

This Egyptian Brand's New Mini Bags Will Make You Ditch Your Oversized Purse

Do good things come in small packages? We reckon they do, because Egyptian handbag brand Les Miniatures is giving us some serious style inspo. The vibrant brand was created by Egyptian duo Farah Yasser and Hanna Hazem who went on to release three collections: Désassemblé, Mini-malist, and their most recent, Fleurette. 

With Hadia Ghaleb, Nadia Fairfax, Angela Deviatova-Hageali, and Radwa El Ziki spotted wearing the mini masterpieces, Les Miniatures have definitely told tales in the fashion world of Cairo and abroad. Fleurette, which is the newest and most colourful collection Les Miniatures have released, comes in five different colours including 'Forest Fleurette', 'Mellow Yellow', and 'Flamingo Fleurette'. 

“We always try to make every collection tell a story of its own”, Hanna Hazem, 1/2 of the dynamic duo, told us. And we cannot agree more. Every collection Les Miniatures has released is fresh, new, and innovative. 

“Désassembé was inspired by a painting while Fleurette was inspired by our vision of summer and our special unique handle. Our (Mini)malist collection, however, was inspired by the beauty of simplicity”, Hazem added. 

Hanna Hazem also informed us that they'll be expanding their brand when she shared, "We are currently working on very cool collaborations that will be launched soon! We are also planning to expand beyond designing bags, so you’d expect to see more mini designs in the near future". It seems that Les Miniatures are targeting a diverse audience with their petite perfections, and we'll be amongst the many who tune in to see what they come up with next. 

Check out Fleurette on Facebook here.