Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Why is This Guy's Post About Egypt Going Crazy Viral?

It's been shared thousands of times; did it resonate with you?

Staff Writer

A few days ago, Egyptian Facebook user Mohamed Kassem, took to the social media channel to write a concise commentary about the motherland, talking about how we all unanimously want to leave - but not really. The post instantly picked up traction and proceeded to spread like wildfire, currently standing at over 2,000 shares. Why though, did his post strike such a chord? 

Kassem stresses on how "we all want the bike lanes" and "the proper grocery shops" that we see our counterparts in the West enjoying, but despite our collective national yearning for these things, we don't want to give up what we'd have to give up to get them. He touches upon the innate luxuries we are afforded by mere virtue of us being born in the right place at the right time; our bourgeois privileges; our maids and drivers; our cheap shisha - these all dissipate the instant we leave the country 

He argues that once you leave, your family names ceases to matter, the community you've built no longer exists, and "you become nobody but the work you give off." His post clearly resonated with many Egyptians; what did you think? Did his words crystallise thoughts shared by many in our community?