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Rania Youssef to Stand Trial Over Revealing Red Carpet Dress

The Egyptian actress will reportedly face charges of public indecency and debauchery.

Rania Youssef black dress

Three Egyptian lawyers have filed a case against Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, for wearing a revealing dress at Cairo International Film Festival, which ended on Thursday. As a result, Cairo's Misdemeanor Court has set January 12th as the first day of Youssef's trial, where she will face charges of public indecency and debauchery, Ahram online reports. 

Youssef walked the red carpet on Thursday's closing ceremony red carpet in a see-through black dress, sparking a mix of reactions, with some defending her right to wear what she pleases, and others accusing her of plotting to corrupt the morals of society.
Rania Youssef black dressLawyer Nabih Al Wahsh, known for his conservative stances, was hosted on television show, Infiraad, via phone and demanded that the Egyptian public boycott Rania Youssef and encouraged social media campaigns shaming her perceived indecent behavior.

He added that he’ll be filing a complaint to the attorney general against Youssef and calling on National Security to submit a report aiming to preserve the morals of Egyptians.

Youssef tweeted a statement, saying that she miscalculated in choosing to wear the dress, adding, "It was the first time I wore it and I didn't realise that it would spark so much anger. I reaffirm my commitment to the values upon which we were raised in Egyptian society."


Main Image: DNA India