Sunday September 24th, 2023
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9 Spots To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Little Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We'll let these pictures do the talking as we dish out our list of the best spots around Cairo to indulge your sweet tooth's frozen treat fantasies.

Staff Writer

Summer seems to be sneaking up on us and interrupting whatever sense of winter we may have had for a few weeks. The weather is in the 20s and the sun is shining; call us crazy, but this is ideal ice cream weather. Come on, even Amr Diab sang Ice Cream Fe December! December, January, February – close enough, right? Good, we’re glad you agree. Now that that’s out of the way, where do us picky CairoSceners go to find the crème de la crème of Cairo’s ice cream?

Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio is probably one of our favourite spots in town; they have the most creative gelato and the cutest design. Chocolate with chili, yoghurt with raspberry with balsamic reduction, piña colada – that's just the tip of the ice[cream]berg. Aside from a simple scoop, you can have an ice cream sandwich or even red velvet cheesecake.

Mandarine Koueider

Koueider is good at satisfying every sweet tooth, no matter what your flavour is, but their ice cream is notorious for being the best there is. You guys, they even have raspberry ice cream cake and Nutella ice cream – not just chocolate, NUTELLA! They also have your typical fruity flavours but, in case we didn’t emphasise it enough – Nutella!


See that up there? That’s strawberry with balsamic vinegar gelato. That’s actually a thing, and it’s a thing you can only get a taste of at Stavolta for a limited time. Here’s your ‘get out of jail free’ card: gelato is less fattening than actual ice cream. Go wild!

Gelato On Wheelz

Do we even need to explain how awesome this is? Gelato on Wheelz is Egypt’s first ice cream truck and, no matter how old you are, you ALWAYS grab your loose change and run toward the ice cream truck. That’s just a hard-and-fast rule of ice cream, and childhood, and life.


Lebanese people do food right. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, they know how to put just the right blend of flavour to make sure whatever you’re eating hits the spot just right. Imagine eating an authentic Lebanese meal at Serena, ordering dessert, and then having that dish of sexy sweet scoops set before you, all topped with chopped nuts and bursting with flavour and— okay, we're getting a little too excited. You get the picture.


Are we the only ones who have random sweet tooth cravings in the middle of the night? We can’t be; we just can’t. If we were, McDonald’s wouldn’t be open and serving sundaes, McFlurries, and soft serve cones at obnoxious hours of the night. It’s no fancy gelato, but Mcdonald’s frozen treats after a long night can be just what the doctor ordered – or what we ordered for delivery several nights of the week.

El Jockey

Ice cream chains are great, no doubt, but this local ice cream spot nestled in the heart of El Manial District is one of Cairo’s best-kept ice cream secrets. Well, it was until now, anyway. If you’re craving something creative – say, bubblegum-flavoured ice cream – this is where you’ll find it.

Frozzy Twist 

These guys were among the first to introduce this new ice cream rolls craze that’s taking Cairo by storm. It involves secret ingredients – à la Krusty Krab – being turned into ice cream rolls right in front of you in a matter of two minutes. We’re fascinated at this magical little creation, but also a little distracted by all the other sweets these guys offer.

Bouza Roll

Vanilla rolls topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce, sounds picture perfect, doesn’t it? Being one of the few places to create this sweet delicacy, Bouza tops their ice cream with your choice of candy, fruits, or sauces.