Thursday December 7th, 2023
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A’mayel Edaya: Egyptian Mums Try Each Other’s Molokhia (Episode 1)

A few Egyptian mums were harmed in the making of these Molokhias.

Farida El Shafie

Armed with freshly-sharpened knives and Tefal pans, Egyptian mums and respective aunties have fought domestic wars in order to snatch titles at seasonal gatherings and scale to the top of family kitchen monarchies. Capitalising on their successes, downfalls and occasional blips in their food matrices, #SceneEats partnered with local cutlery brand Sekeen and Rahet Bally - an Egyptian-based motherhood-centric platform - to pioneer an original series, A’mayel Edaya, where the never-ending stalemates can, once and for all, be squashed. 

Centred around Egyptian lunch classics, every episode gathers three mums - each of which righteously believes her recipe is categorical to the dish’s livelihood - and has them blindly taste test the four takes on the episode’s chosen delicacy. Navigating rough terrain, the first instalment puts the classic ‘Molokhia’ through gruelling tests. Whilst many mothers faltered beneath their own formless soups, praised their rivals’ ‘shah’as’ and signed divorce papers in the making of this episode, only one mum managed to exit the premises of our production studios unscathed. 

In this #SceneEats special, SceneEats’ Ali Khalifa sits with the mums as they bash, clash and devour each other’s Molokhia.