Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Authentic Armenian Cuisine at Sheikh Zayed's Mayrig

Armenian cuisine finally gets the hype it deserves at this authentic Sheikh Zayed restaurant.

Layla Raik

Authentic Armenian Cuisine at Sheikh Zayed's Mayrig

As a sole indicator not only of survival but of satisfaction, we’ve come to acknowledge the importance of food beyond the daily what-are-we-gonna-eat hanging above every hangout/work day. We’ve grown to see food as a definer of cultures; a way to travel the world with only a few ingredients. 

After years of drowning in the basic favs (think Italian or Chinese), Mayrig is the new restaurant on the block bringing an entirely new cuisine to our Cairene palates: a taste of Armenia in our very own Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, brought to you by the motherly spirit of Armenian heritage. 

Flaunting the classic stone arches signature to Armenian architecture, Mayrig fosters an elevated experience of the culture through both taste and environment. With food that is made right in front of you, the restaurant has successfully put together the perfect night out with dinner and a show. 

Besides, the show does not end when the food is placed on your plate - Mayrig’s traditional Mante or Dzhash are sure to get you seeing colour, Ratatouille-style. Boasting aromatic herbs and unprecedented-yet-familiar flavours, thanks to the cuisine’s influence under neighbouring Levantine dishes, Armenian food hits that sweet spot between what is new and what feels like home. 

To make a reservation in Armenia for a night, contact +201050010632.