Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Cairo Foodies Can Now Have Venison Whenever They Want

Deer Meat has arrived, bbs.

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Cairo Foodies Can Now Have Venison Whenever They Want

You know those days when you fancy a nice piece of meat but you're also not particularly in the mood for steaks or burgers? Those days need an adventure for your taste buds and a new experience for your appetite. You no longer have to stick to the meats that we've been eating all our lives. Why, you ask? Because you can now have venison in Cairo whenever you want.

Enter Deer Meat, the straight-to-the-point brand that wastes no time letting people know what kind of brand it is. But before we push you into the world that is Deer Meat, let’s have an itsy bitsy crash course on what venison is for those who have no idea what we’re talking about or have never tried it. 

Generally referring to the meat from deet, venison has gained widespread acceptance thanks to Americans. If you’re wondering what it tastes like, let us tell you that it absolutely does not taste like beef. Venison has a wonderful herbaceous (which is a big yay if you’re about that life) and kind of a nutty flavour that pairs perfectly well with fruit or wine-based sauces. Now that you’re all sorted, let’s go back to Deer Meat. 

You can get your venison in whatever form you want -- we’re talking ground meat, we’re talking steaks, we’re talking liver, we’re talking burgers. Deer Meat basically said the limit does not exist. Periodt.

The brand delivers anywhere you in Cairo so if you’re somewhere in Sheikh Zayed or Madinaty, they’ve still got you back (and kersh). All you need to do is WhatsApp them on +2 0112 107 9437.