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Cairo's Ultimate Ramadan Tents Guide

Whether you're sick of family 3ouzomas, want to enjoy a view of the Pyramids while having mahshi, or just want to wear your favourite kaftan, these Ramadan tents should definitely be on your radar.

The holy month is about giving back, it’s about fasting from sunrise till sundown, and above all, it’s about sharing your first meal of the day with the people you love the most. Some love to practice that in the safety of their own homes, others love to inject a little bit of luxury, wear their fav kaftan, and enjoy a view of the Pyramids while they gorge on some mahshi. If the latter sounds like you, then this list of the best Ramadan tents in Cairo may be right up your alley. 


What does Ramadan mean to you? Whatever it may mean to you, it all comes down to one thing: being sawa. And that is exactly what this tent is all about. Located at Kundalini Grand Pyramids, you’ll be able to enjoy your iftars and sohours with a big side of #ViewGoals that happen to be, well, the Great Pyramids of Giza. Marriott Mena House, Cairo is in charge of the food, so you know you’re in for a good time.

Reservations: Available via Collard Tickets 

Mawlay Experience takes over the Citadel for its second edition


Mawlay may or may not have been the best thing about Ramadan last year. Their first edition saw them take over the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation where you got to dine with kings and queens. This time round sees it finding a new home for itself at Salah El Din Citadel where you get to pretend that you’re a royal and have your iftars and sohours in a one of a kind setting. We don’t know about you, but we’re totally here for this. 

Reservations: +2 0121 262 9529


Sohour stans are going to want to check out this new kheima taking over west Cairo, Royal Park to be exact, where the unstoppable Egyptian Project will take over the space so that you could feast your ears along with your belly at the same time.

Reservations: Available via social media 


Did you know that you could enjoy your iftar seated just a few metres away from 22 royal mummies? Well, you can do exactly that at Al-Rawi tent. The new kheima, which happens to be located at the outdoor terrace of Cairo's National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, offers diners a true taste of history.

Reservations: Available via social media 


The Smokery ventures into the world of tents to provide us with its very first sohour kheima. Marrakech won’t be taking place at any of their branches, however, you will be able to find it at New Cairo’s Hyde Out where you can expect takht shar2y, mozamar shows, live entertainment from mega stars (*coughs* Medhat Saleh is legit coming to perform on April 7th *coughs*), and so much more.

Reservations: Available via Tickets Marche 


If you happen to reside in the beautiful city that is NC, chances are you don’t have that many options when it comes to tents. The Palace aims to change that this year by serving you all of Teita’s iconic dishes but make it level 999. Taking place at Atrium-Holiday Inn Cairo, this is the only tent you need to know about if you’re from that side of town. 

Reservations: Available via social media 

Zed Park's Layalina will instantly take you to a zaman Ramadan el gameel


Layalina may have only existed for one year before, but it has already amassed a big following – especially among celebrities – in a very short time. The tent prides itself on taking you somewhere nostalgic, to el zaman el gameel of Ramadan, where you get to devour your favourite culinary classics while enjoying live shows from the country’s biggest performers – from Pousi to Ahmed Sheba and so much more. 

Reservations: +2 0155 551 0018  


Located at Le Lac Du Caire, you’ll now be able to feast your eyes on the most gorgeous panoramic view of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation whilst you nomnomnom your way through sohour. When it comes to food, expect to have all the Ramadan classics you grew up eating like mahshi, shish tawook, and molokhia whilst you enjoy live performances by some of the country’s biggest stars.

Reservations: Available via social media 


Gracing us with their presence for the very first time is Layali, Cairo’s newest kheima that’s not afraid to show you what they’ve got, and we’re here for it. Located at Hyatt Regency Cairo West, the tent is set to make its debut on April 7th where superstar Mahmoud El Leithy will set the tone of Layali for the rest of the month. 

Reservations: +2 010 1919 1913

Fawanees will have you enjoying your iftars and sohours with the breathtaking view of the Nile 


One thing is for sure, we will never get bored of a Nile view. We just won’t. There’s just something about sharing your food with your loved ones against this beautiful backdrop that instantly makes whatever experience you’re having ten times better. If you’re about that life, which we’re positive you are, then this InterContinental Semiramis kheima is for you. 

Reservations: +2 0120 355 633


Inspired by Khan El Khalili, El Khan will be bringing the iconic souq to Hilton Cairo Heliopolis for the second year in a row. What makes this tent stand out is its aesthetic that legit will have you thinking you’re in Old Cairo. Furthermore, they have all kinds of board games that you can play with your posse after you’re done eating like Snorlax. 

Reservations: 02 22677730


Because the Ramadan party can’t start until Si Omar comes in. Everybody knows the Si Omar tent. It has been a Ramadan staple for as long as we can remember. This time, however, it has decided to surprise us by relocating somewhere new, and we’re totes here for it. Nestled away inside New Cairo’s Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Cairo, expect everything you’ve come to love about the iconic tent. Oh, and if you’re a sports fan, be sure that they’ll always have your favourite match playing on their screens. 

Reservations: 02 22495344 


What makes this tent stand out is that it’s the only tent on this list that doesn’t just serve Egyptian food, it also serves Lebanese food thanks to Tamara Lebanese Bistro. Oh, and their opening night will see the legendary Hisham Abbas take over the stage on April 7th for a one of a kind show. You can find El Sohbageya at Tameer Azad Project inf front of the AUC. 

Reservations: Available via social media