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Chickenza Combines Our Two Fav Foods: Fried Chicken & Waffles

We ship this duo more than Bakhit w 3adila!

Another day, another fried chicken spot...except this one comes with a twist. You’ll be able to find that perfect fried chicken dish you’ve been looking but never stumbled upon right here at Chickenza -- a restaurant that specialises in fried chicken, but makes them befriend waffles.

Chickenza has taken a new route when working with regular fried chicken and has successfully made it pop -- starting with their waffles and fried chicken combo. But, here's the thing. You can get dem freshly made waffles topped with chocolate and then add crispy fresh fried chicken pieces to them. We know how that sounds like, which is why we'll let you do whatever you want to do with that piece of info. Don't worry, however, you can just have the fried chicken and waffles alone without chocolate because you're sane. We encourage and support insane behaviour tho because to each their own.

Now for all you cheese lovers, you can drench away your sorrows in your very own cheese fountain! Dead serious. This special item can be ordered with your fried chicken pieces. Pick up your chicken piece and drench it in as much cheese as you want! It may get messy but who cares tbh?

You can find Chickenza on Merghany Street. You’re welcome.