Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Chipsy Drops New Pickled Lemon, Toumeya & 'Salatet El Haty' Flavours

We are currently dipping toumeya chips in toumeya…for science of course.

Farah Desouky

The tantalising aroma of toumeya is wafting through our neighbouring kiosks, emanating from the new limited edition flavours of Chipsy. With this mouthwatering development, we find ourselves in a code red emergency, forsaking our post-Eid detox plans to bring you the latest culinary creations from these snack extraordinaire.

It appears that the corporation has managed to acquire the recipe for the 'salatet el haty,' a salad concoction typically found in local grill eateries. To add to the excitement, they have introduced a toumeya flavour; one that will most probably find itself embroiled in a series of sauce dipping exercises and scientific toumeya experiments. And lastly, a bold and crisp rendition of the classic 'lamoun me’asfar' trickles into being, abiding by the pickled lemon hummus and foul infiltrating nationwide family Friday breakfasts.