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'Country’s' Makes Eating Clean Easy So Y'all Don't Have Any Excuses

The brand is a health food store coming through with a range of organic, homemade dips, spreads, energy bites and more.

“I realised that whenever I went to the supermarket and read the list of ingredients of products, I didn’t know how to pronounce the ingredients, let alone know what they are,” Country’s founder Hend El Yamany tells SceneEats. With that in mind, El Yamany decided to launch her own brand: Country’s, offering a range of nut butters, spreads, sauces and more.

Very much based on her personal story and journey with weight loss and healthy eating, El Yamany noticed a gap in the Egyptian market for organic, delish products, which is why she got up and made the food that she enjoys accessible – and affordable – for everyone else.

With a belief of the importance of being aware of the food we put into our bodies at the brand’s core, and an astuteness to how much better fresh, natural products made her feel, what started off as a small project distributing nut butters amongst El Yamany’s gym buddies, soon became a full-fledged project, featuring her own recipes that were all made with love. 

“I only offer food that I love to eat myself,” adds El Yamany, “And I wanted to help more people realise that eating right can be both easy and convenient.” 

Some of the products offered by Country’s include several nut butters like cashew, peanut, honey crunchy peanut and cinnamon peanut butter. The brand also offer pesto basil sauce, stuffed mini sweet peppers and a range of granola bars and energy bites and hazelnut spread. 

To place your order, head to with delivery all across Egypt.