Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Craema is Cairo's Newest Bakery That's All About Fusion Baking

Tahini and molasses cookies, anyone?

Kurt Galalah

You might have heard people talking about ‘fusion’ as a new food sensation. Putting hops, barley and water together, for instance, gives you beer, while yeast, flour and a few other ingredients become bread. But that is not the ‘fusion’ we’re talking about here. No, the fusion we want to talk about here is a blend of styles or types of baking from different regions, producing a novel and appealing baked product. Which is exactly where Craema comes in.

''The brand came to be when a friend of mine asked me to make a wedding cake with the flavours of tahini and molasses,'' says owner Passant Elzanfaly to SceneEats. ''I always enjoyed baking but not professionally. This wedding cake was the reason for Craeme existing.'' 

Craema’s uniqueness comes from infusing the local flavours with Western desserts and bakeries while using the best ingredients. For example they make creme brulle croissants, pastrami with mint pate, pistachio with halva bun, pastel de nata and so much more.

All you have to do to get your fusion baking life started is call up +2 0100 541 4706.