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'Easy's' Is the Smoke N' Roll Sandwich Shop Taking Sahel by Storm

Easy’s story began when three best friends decided to share their love for brisket sandwiches to the world...or, at least, Om El Donia.

When one thinks of a brisket, they instantly think of a BBQ restaurant. Easy’s is not a BBQ restaurant, but a smoke n’ roll sandwich shop on the North Coast. If you don’t know what that is, buckle up because it’s about to get juicy. A smoke n’ roll sandwich shop is a joint that specialises in making sandwiches with a hearty helping of meats that are served on a soft roll. Easy’s does exactly that; the twist here, however, lies in the fact that they focus on dem luxuriously rich, wholesome brisket sandwiches that are summer comfort food at its most drool-worthy.

Easy’s story began when three best friends decided to share their weekend hobby to the world...or, at least, Om El Donia. ‘’It all started when pitmaster Michael Mansour joined forces with my brother Sherif and I,’’ says Dalia Abdellatif, co-founder at Easy’s. ‘’The three of us are foodies who have an unhealthy obsession with traditional American-style sandwiches, and we simply wanted to bring a little taste of that to Egypt.’’

The menu at Easy’s is simple and straight to the point. You’re either a brisket guy, a pulled beef kinda gal or a seafood roll (lobster and shrimp) pal. Before coming up with the menu, the three eating musketeers wanted to guarantee that every single menu item is made the same way you would get it from a classic smoke n’ roll sandwich shop in the US, which is why they only use premium ingredients that are always prepared with traditional af techniques. 

You can find Easy’s on the crystal shores of Sahel’s Hacienda White this szn. Oh, and if you wait long enough, a little birdie told us that they plan on making it to the capital quite soon. We don’t know about you but colour us very excited.