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Estoda is the Cheese Heaven We’ve Been Wishing for TBH

Literally named ‘cheese king,’ this dairy haven is the eatery we’ve been missing.

Technically Estoda Cheese King, this food joint serves up everything with a hearty dose of stretchy, gooey dairy goodness. Next time you’re stressed out or going through a breakup, look no further than this eatery for some true comfort food.

''Estoda means 'state' in Spanish, and that's exactly what we are -- a state of cheese,'' Estoda when asked where their name comes from. The restaurant shines because it focuses on pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and even cheesy konafa...but make it cheesy af.

Our personal fav is their take on pizza, the Estoda pizza, which is a closed dough pizza stuffed with hella meat and cheese, and topped with sesame seeds and even more cheese sauce. Think calzone, but as a full circle. 

For dessert, make sure to try out the ‘jacuzzi’ options (like plz do), which is wrapped dough around a healthy serving size of Nutella, topped with caramel sauce, cinnamon, and some white chocolate dip. It’s so sexy it's honestly rude.  The instantly iconic cheesery currently has two branches, one in 6th of October and another one in Heliopolis. To order straight to home, hit them up on +2 0120 2227 762.