Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Food Blogger Malak’s Food Journey Drops Grocery Tote Bags Merch

Malak’s Food Journey’s new locally-produced grocery tote bags bring a sustainable and fashionable twist to our supermarket visits.

Farah Desouky

Food Blogger Malak’s Food Journey Drops Grocery Tote Bags Merch

If you’re a passenger on Malak’s Food Journey then you’re about to pack some whole new bags. We know some of you can’t help but develop a parasocial relationship with Egyptian food blogger Malak Shouman, and we can’t blame you. Friday Games, Salad Sunday, Matcha? We know what it’s about. But if you’re on board with fun + games then you’ll also need to stamp your passport for a trip to Sustainability Station, because Malak’s merch department just dropped a new line of grocery tote bags. With two size options - ‘El Gad3a’ and ‘El 7erka’ - these bags are keeping us from wasting a tonne of plastic bags while we fulfill our Masterchef dreams.

'El 7erka’, which refers to someone who is quick on their feet, a medium-sized bag with a long adjustable strap, two separate compartments, two mesh bags for fresh produce, and a separate tote for meat - tailor made for those on-the-go supermarket visits.

‘El Gad3a’ meanwhile is a larger handbag option that, as the name suggests, is your ever-reliable companion, someone who will always be there for you, even when everyone else has abandoned you to despair amidst a pile of single-use plastics. It’s your big boy helping you through those extensive shopping hauls, with compartments that can be adjusted according to your needs.

The elevated grocery bags are the natural continuation to our endless supply of totes, but now we can be sustainable chefs while being our tote bag selves. ‘El Gad3a’ and ‘El 7erka’ will be available for sale at Bazanra Pop-Up Society on Friday, December 2nd, and will soon find their ways online.