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Grow the Fruit up and Start Eating Right With This New Egyptian Brand

This farm-to-table market delivers fresh fruits and veggies to you on the same day!

Alright guys, it's almost 2022 and we haven't done anything we said we would do because we would rather indulge in oily, juicy, fatty #foodporn. But, come on, stop right there, put that fried chicken down for a second because it's time for you (and also us) to GROW up.

It has never been easier in Egypt to be an adult who eats and cooks their own fresh and healthy meals every day and that's thanks to a whole host of modern farming projects that have been making it super accessible to get your hands on organic produce, quickly. One such new establishment is Grow, who offer fresh produce directly from their farms to your plate, and the best part is SAME DAY DELIVERY. They have a huge range of vegetables, herbs and fruits from mushrooms and cherry tomatoes to green onions and rosemary — all beautifully and tightly packaged ready to jump into your salad or main dish.

If you order before 12 pm they'll bring it to you just in time for lunch. 

Shop Grow's produce at and thank us later, hunty.