Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Longhorn Brings Authentic Texas BBQ to Egypt and the Middle East

We get up close and personal with Tamer Amer, the man responsible for bringing Central Texas right here to Egypt.

Kurt Galalah

Longhorn Brings Authentic Texas BBQ to Egypt and the Middle East

We saddled up and trekked over to Longhorn Texas BBQ to dig into the juicy details of owner Tamer Amer’s life-long obsession with Texas-born BBQ.

Amer’s smoked meat-fueled journey started in the heart of it all - Dallas, Texas - where he got down and dirty, chowing on the best BBQ Texas has to offer before bringing the succulence to Egypt with his own homegrown concept Longhorn Texas BBQ.

After taking the food scene by storm last year with a debut branch in New Cairo, a Sahel store followed this summer in Diplo and a Sheikh Zayed one is slated soon. So we unbuttoned our pants, prepared for the meat sweats and indulged in la7ma galore -- think fall-of-the-bone briskets, homemade sausages, decadent mac & cheese and so much more. 

But Longhorn was so much more than just a place that makes meat. Whilst satiating our endless cravings on their la7ma, we were stunned by the fabulous vintage decor, brimming with authentic antiquities sourced directly from Texas, nostalgic pictures and country-style artwork that looks like it was just pulled from a ranch in the heart of the antebellum South. 

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going for round two.