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Maadi's Iconic Chinese Eatery Genghis Khan Finally Reopens

And in that moment, we swear we were infinitely happy.

There’s no shortage of Chinese restaurants in the capital. Wherever you are, you’ll find yourself a place that serves some chow mein nearby. But, just because we have so many of these restaurants, it doesn’t mean that all of them are authentic. That is exactly where Genghis Khan comes into place.

Located in Maadi, Genghis Khan is legendary when it comes to Chinese food. The restaurant has been around for almost a decade and has amassed a cult-following where foodies from all across the country would travel to go all the way to Genghis Khan….until it stopped operating a few months ago that is. Fast forward to now, the restaurant has finally opened its doors again, except it doesn’t operate like a dine-in restaurant anymore. Yes, Genghis Khan is now a takeaway or delivery restaurant, and honestly, we will take this as a win.

If you were one of the unlucky ones that have never tried this extraordinary eatery, we recommend having their fried green beans, kung pao chicken and shredded beef with chili. Genghis Khan is now available via Talabat or by calling them on +20111 391 3113.