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New Cairo Says 'Hallah Wallah' to Pan-Khaleeji Eatery Mandena

This Tagamoa restaurant is going to take you to the Gulf and back.

Two things in Cairo life are certain, new fried chicken spots will always find a way to open up every week and Pan-Khaleeji restaurants are almost non-existent. We’re here to talk about the latter because things in New Cairo just got delicious.

Yemeni food at Mandena

We give you Mandena, the new restaurant serving up Khaleeji realness in a city where food from that region is often forgotten about. The eatery’s name comes from the fact that it will literally make you live your best mandi and tagine life.

Their menu boasts an impeccable selection of mandis and tagines that will make you scream “HALLA WALLA!” -- from Yemeni-style chicken mandi to Saudi mutton mandi, molokhia tagines to lesan asfour ones, they don’t end tbh. If any of the aforementioned things aren’t necessarily your thing, then don’t be a bad friend and convince your BFF who is a mandi stan to not go all the way to Tagamo3. Why? Because Mandena also serves Om El Donia’s best mashawy like shish tawook and reyash for the less adventurous. 

Bahraini food at Mandena

You can find them on El Tesaeen El Ganoub Street or just call them on +2 0114 333 3559 to bring the Pan-Khaleeji experience to your home (in New Cairo).