Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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SLVRSKN is the Egyptian Coffee Brand Bringing Speciality to Our Mugs

Not all that glitters is gold, sometimes the best things come in a SLVRSKN.

Layla Raik

The act of going out for coffee has, to put it lightly, become a near-integral part of our lives. Partly, this is explained by the strange appeal of things when done outside the house (i.e.  studying, working, pretending to do either of the aforementioned when you’re actually on your phone). However, as much as we hate to admit weakness on the part of our milk-foaming skills, a huge reason behind our constant coffee runs is the fact that we can’t make coffee as well at home.

Now, this is when those of you who are addicted to the challenge will put your phone/laptop aside, jump into the kitchen and attempt to make a domesticated Spanish latte or white mocha to prove us wrong. Your efforts are, of course, not in vain, but we have to admit that good coffee starts right at the roots: with good beans.

The disparity in the coffee market between our homes and whatever universal coffee chain branch is at the nearest gas station to our homes drove Karim El-Araby and Hossam Essam, the founders of SLVRSKN Coffee, to dig deep within their pantries and skill sets for an at-home coffee experience worth their time. 40 minutes into the process of a white mocha frappe, with the blender and 3 different mugs out, they realised that maybe, it shouldn’t have to be that hard.

“The idea came when we looked at the coffee market in Egypt,” SLVRSKN’s co-founder, El-Araby tells Scene Eats. “We found that coffee as a concept is trending nationally and globally - but all of the high-quality coffee houses serve an outdoor experience.”

Nodding along with his cofounder’s claim, Essam tells us that, “There is, now more than ever, a new focus being put on the premiumisation and quality of coffee. Everyone is on the lookout for specialty coffee.”

That much is true. I mean, why settle for regular coffee when you can have specialty coffee? One tiny issue, though - what is specialty coffee?

“SLVRSKN is a part of a larger company called Carbon, but it’s the most special. SLVRSKN offers a premium type of single-origin coffee, with a clear taste and powerful notes,” the co-founders explain.

Making the at-home coffee experience all the more streamlined, SLVRSKN offers Nespresso-compatible coffee pods that could have you supplied with your Americano, caramel crème brulée latte or cappuccino in mere minutes. Even better, the brand imported the foreign concept of pour-over sachets into Egyptian markets, enabling us to enjoy an unprecedented filter coffee experience from the comfort of our couches. In Ramadan, they are hoping to launch a Turkish coffee concept, bringing their product closer to home.

One too many altercations with subpar coffee? We get you. But there’s no need to worry with SLVRSKN, the brand already supplies some of the most prominent coffee houses across the country with their roasts. We’re giving trust a chance.