Thursday June 20th, 2024
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Say Goodbye To Your Stomach NOTs With These Plant-Based Products

Vegans rejoice! NOT is curing our protein deficiency and junk cravings

Farah Desouky

Say Goodbye To Your Stomach NOTs With These Plant-Based Products

Egypt’s vegan community is in for a treat with NOT, the newest vegan and plant-based food brand. A bland salad and instant noodles are the vegan staples here in Egypt - especially for us lazy protein-deficient babes, NOT the local brand making sure we aren’t shyly lying about being full in a carnivore ezouma anymore. 

With their product range and variety, NOT is making us feel as happy as we are at finding more than one vegan option on a restaurant menu. With vegan mozzarella cheese, “chicken” nuggets, and “chicken” burgers, they’re hell-bent on satisfying all of our junk cravings without any repercussions, because as much as we love hummus, a deep-fried “chicken” nugget hits different. Oh, and to our stubborn lactose intolerant besties, you can finally enjoy cheese stomachache-free. 

The brand is also using its social media platforms to shed light on the importance of leading a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, with fun facts, statistics, and comparisons between their products and their non-vegan counterparts’ health benefits; which might give adamant meat-eaters a nudge into giving the delicious vegan treats a try. They’re also outlining the environmental advantages of veganism, which sounds like a veggie revolution to us. 

NOT’s product range is available in Cairo’s Breadfast, The Grocer, and Royal House. They're also available in  Alexandria’s Sarai Market and Odds Mart, with even more vendors coming soon.