Friday April 12th, 2024
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Self Health House Launches New Website

Enter your that-girl era with SELF Health House’s newly launched Cairo-spanning website.

Layla Raik

Self Health House Launches New Website

Approaching the end of the year means our healthy-eating plans are - pretty much - buried six feet under in solidarity, of course, with the ‘Eat healthier food’ resolution that will also miserably dissolve by the end of next year. It also means entire companies go through an office-wide state of panic at least once a day involving endless debates about the best shawarma place, occasionally intercepted with a, “Weren’t we supposed to be healthy today?” ofcourse. 

When the blanking stares and jaw drops dissolve, we launch into the second debate of the meal: where to get this so-called healthy food. With most health-conscious kiosks being just out of reach, we typically end up getting the same soggy salad from the same mediocre salad bar. That is until SELF Health House became more accessible than ever with their newly launched website that lets you access their frustratingly wide variety of body fuel. 

Serving us the same delicious cobb salad we inhaled by the beach and the same revitalising espresso banana blend that gave our days that extra boost - but in an easily navigated mega aesthetic website you can access anywhere in Cairo - SELF’s new app is bringing us closer than ever to our that girl era.