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The Dough: This BFF-Run Online Bakery Is Solely Dedicated to Cookies

This new local brand offers everything from classic chocolate chip cookies, to cookies stuffed with Lotus cream, Nutella and more.

What started as a wholesome hobby through school and university between childhood BFF’s Rudaina Elmeligy and Farah Wael Ghorab – with the support of their friends and family – eventually became a business. A cookie business, to be exact. Online bakery ‘The Dough’ celebrates a love for cookies in every way, shape and form and is solely dedicated to the yummy dessert (or midnight snack if you’re anything like us). 

The Dough offers cookies in three categories: the classics (including the iconic chocolate chip cookie, white chocolate chip cookie, as well as Galaxy and Kinder cookies), sugar rush (featuring double and triple chocolate chip cookies, Toblerone, plus peanut butter cookie). The online bakery amps it up its ‘The Bomb’ category, encompassing Lotus Explosion, Red Bombs, double chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Nutella/Lotus cream and more.

The Kinder cookies from The Dough

“At The Dough, we make sure to bake our cookies every day, made fresh to order,” Elmeligy tells SceneEats, “When it comes to our chocolate-based cookies like Kinder and Toblerone, we make use to use enough of the chocolate so our customers really experience the combined flavours.”

To place your order, send The Dough a DM or WhatsApp at +2 010 6661 2224. The bakery currently delivers to New Cairo, Rehab City, Obour and Orabi.