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You Can't Curry On In the Kitchen Without Grains' Spices

Spice Girls could never compare to this local Egyptian brand.

Known as 'the pride of cooks,' herbs are an essential that we can’t curry on in the kitchen without. Grains is the brand that makes fresh blends of herbs and spices to add that magical tang to your meal, yet spend the least time possible fixing your lunch in case you’re rushed off of your feet. Their products have no preservatives, sugar or gluten to promote a healthy, flourishing lifestyle.

The Italian spice that's perfect  for bread and pasta

''The brand was founded by fellow food lovers who seek flavourful recipes with the highest quality imaginable,'' Mohamed Noureldin, co-founder at Grains, tells SceneEats. ''We source the finest ingredients from all around the world, and that's what makes us stand out from our competitors.''

If bagel is your life, then this spice totes needs to be in yours 

Grains shines because of their creatively curated blends that happen to also be versatile and multi-purpose. With spices like cajun, Italian, chipotle, honey BBQ, seak, sriracha mango, and Thai coconut, you're bound to have a ball in the kitchen the next time you cool.