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You Won't Believe This But Dubai's Reif Kushiyaki Is Now In Cairo

Dubai foodies aren't the only getting a piece of Reif no more because Reif Kushiyaki has just touched down in Cairo.

Serious about your sando? Probably not half as much as iconic chef and culinary king Reif Othman, whose eponymous restaurant has been sweeping up accolades ever since opening at Dubai's Dar Wasl Mall in 2019. It’s a small, intimate space with most seats affording views straight into the kitchen to watch the hardworking team at the grill. But, guess what? Dubai foodies aren't the only getting a piece of Reif no more because Reif Kushiyaki has just touched down in Cairo.

The gyoza at Reif

Reif Othman is a well-known name on Dubai’s foodie scene, so it was no surprise to see him join forces with household name Ayman Baky to bring his critically-acclaimed eatery to Om El Donia. ''All the way from Dubai to Cairo, Reif Kushiyaki Cairo is finally here and it's opening its doors to everyone quite soon,'' Baky tells SceneEats. 

The Japanese steak at Reif

Reif Kushiyaki Cairo's décor is simple, with plain white walls interrupted only by a marvelous Astro Boy manga artwork. Seating options are divided into two options: an L-shape around the kitchen and a counter seating for those that like a prime view of the chefs at work. The menu, on the other hand, is compact and full of simple but well-executed Japanese fare (some more accessible like maki rolls and others less so – like chicken heart and skin skewers). Regardless, be sure to expect seeing Othman in the open kitchen working his magic as he and his team make your dim sum, ramen and everything in between.

The sando at Reif

What you'll need to watch out for on their menu is most certainly the Sanchoku Wagyu Sando, which is essentially the tastiest sandwich you'll ever eat this year. Already an Instagram star in its own right, cuts of perfectly pink Wagyu are sandwiched between a punchy tonkatsu sauce and two slices of toast.

The home of unconventional Japanese food opens its doors to the public this coming Sunday (December 12) at 5A by the Waterway. Something tells us, however, you won't be able to get in unless you reserve, so make sure you call +2 0128 0446 862.