Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Amina K's Releasing A New Collection: Prints Of The Orient

With summer on its way, wearing comfortable clothes and looking like a hobo is all we want. However, with Amina K's new collection, we're rethinking a few things and changing our style - since her aesthetic is based on comfort, we won't look like hobos no more!

Staff Writer

When it comes to fashion, Amina K never fails to surprise us. Her creative blend between traditional Egyptian fashion and modern Western fashion is what makes her stand out among others. Infusing modern and ethnic designs, Amina K is launching her new Spring/Summer ‘16 Prints of the Orient collection this Saturday at 6 PM and introducing a new style. She believes that there are endless possibilities to mix and match different styles, patterns, and culture - we second that notion! 

This collection is inspired by the Egyptian fashion scene in the late 20s to 40s which was influenced by the British culture at the time. Her aim is to merge European contemporary finesse and Egyptian oriental fashion, creating a unique Western aesthetic.“We wanted to design our own prints; we started off with the theme of the Nile and from there things snowballed and we came up with Prints of the Orient collection,” Amina tells us. “We merged both themes together, and of course we researched a lot in advance about the historical part.” The new Amina K collection’s main purpose is to make people comfortable and relaxed while wearing her designs; therefore, all the materials she used are light-weighted fabrics that fit the everyday modern lifestyle. She uses freewheeling shapes that do not limit the wearer’s comfort - we all know how annoying pencil skirts are; they make you look gorgeous but are extremely awkward and uncomfortable when you walk. She feels you.

The main inspirations behind this collection were Islamic geometric and floral patterns used throughout the different eras in several regional neighbours, such as Morocco and Tunisia, the Ottoman Empire as well as the Mamluk architecture here in Egypt. “We used materials such as lightweight lycra, chiffon, and light cotton - all very flowy. Our colour palette is mainly yellow, salmon, and shades of blue, in addition to our hand-beaded details,” Amina reveals. By combining pharaonic colours, beading, weaving, and cording, Amina K’s Prints of the Orient collection was born.

Her collection launch is going to be rather different from other fashion events that have been showcased in Cairo until now. The launch will be located in a picturesque tile store in Zamalek where she will showcase her new designs – “the launch place is El Nile Showroom; they have hand-painted Islamic tiles, which goes very well with our theme,” she explains. The launch event is open to anyone who wants to swing by and check out the collection and the different activities happening in each room. “We’re launching our online store a week after the launch; we’re working on it now,” she tells us. So, be on the lookout, ladies!

You can check out her Facebook page here or Instagram page here.