Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Egyptian Olympic Team Featured on Vogue's 9 Best Synchronised Swimming Costumes

Incredible sporting abilities aside, it seems we're also getting points for our sartorial decisions!

Staff Writer

Egyptian women slayed it at the Olympics this year. From the synchronised swimming team who placed 7th, to swimmer Farida Osman who made the entire nation proud when she made it to the finals, to absolute lady bosses Sara Ahmed and Hedaya Wahba, who brought home two out of three of Egypt's Olympic medals this year, in weightlifting and taekwondo respectively, the girl power force has been strong this year. And we really enjoyed watching them while we sat at home at dominated at our own Olympic sport of eating ice cream while sitting on a couch. We all have our skills. 

But the Olympics aren't just limited to sports; fashion magazines across the globe have been weighing in about the various costumes and uniforms donned at the events, including one Vogue Australia who listed the 9 best synchronised swimming uniforms in Rio and Egypt made it in at number 4! 

The Egyptian Synchronised Swimming Team

Obviously the incredible team placing 7th at the Olympics is what we're all proud of, but it never hurts to have Vogue Australia salute your style choices - especially in a sport as performance-based as synchronised swimming.

Australia landed in first place on Vogue's list but then again, it is Vogue Australia...

The Australian Synchronised Swimming Team.


Main image sourced from Al Ahram.