Friday December 1st, 2023
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New Egyptian Label Moda Fit is Giving International Brands a Run for Their Money

When a local brand creates high quality, stylish clothing, delivers to your doorstep and doesn’t break the bank, it’s time to pay attention.

Staff Writer

We’re all on the hunt for new winter clothes, aren’t we? We tend to gravitate towards labels we’re familiar with, then walk into a restaurant or party and find 30 other clothing clones.

Produced in limited quantities, Moda Fit is a homegrown online brand that produces clothing that is playful and elegant at once. This line sells all sorts of dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, tops and sets, with a decidedly sassy edge.

The brand was created by two lifelong best friends, Engy Aly and Rana El Bablli last July. The two 23-year old designers and American University graduates were fed up of paying double the price of any item for shipping when shopping online from abroad.

“Rana and I have always been into fashion, and we had discussed the idea of creating a local online fashion brand over and over again. But one time we were so frustrated after making a big order from Nasty Gal, and we were just sitting and complaining about the incredibly high custom rate, and I think this was the moment Moda Fit was born. We just looked at each other and knew,” said Aly.

The fashion-forward, girly products are finished with unexpected detailing, like modish cutouts and asymmetrical cuts. The fact everything is reasonably priced is just the icing on the cake.

Oh and, bonus points for the cool website and the powerful Instagram presence. “We created a user-friendly website where customers place their order, instead of just message us on social media. We felt this was more professional, but we tried and contacted social media personality and took advantage of the power of social media as much as we can,” continued Aly.

Moda Fit is launching their winter collection next week, and they provided us with a sneak peek.

All the fabrics used are bought from local Egyptian markets and made by local workshops. Aly explained that one of her main goals was to benefit the economy.

“We aim for Moda Fit to be recognised internationally, as an Egyptian online store; as big as ASOS for example – it may seem far-fetched but we want to dream big! We want to a one-stop shop for girls. In the near future, we hope to expand to the Middle East,” said Aly with a big smile. 

Moda Fit is definitely a brand to keep an eye on this season and beyond. And you can check them out here