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First Look: Norine Farah’s 'The Mate 8' SS16 Collection

With an enchanting dose of desert and faded fabrics, we speak to local designer Norine Farah about her newly released Spring/Summer collection, 'The Mate 8'. Check out all the otherworldly shots from their latest campaign here.

We were spellbound by the first images of Norine Farah’s Spring Summer 2016 collection, a series of ethereal, pastel-coloured pictures that yet again boast her sartorial wizardry. The couture designer, who was was recently selected as Huawei’s brand ambassador, crafted her newest collection The Mate 8, drawing inspiration from the Huawei Mate 8 phone's design.

Shot against the wonderland-esque backdrop of the desert of Fayoum, the collection is characterised by thick matte fabrics and stunning dramatic designs, capturing by the spirit of smoothness and the elegant aesthetics the Mate 8 phone model inspires. Produced by Blow Creative Studios, and photographed by Batool Al Daawi, the shoot was styled by Farah el Sayed and modeled by Sarah Bombosh and Fatma Hassan, with make up by Mirna Kauzman and hair by Patrick Doch, for results that are drop-dead gorgeous.

“I chose three different themes to show off the many aspects I love about the phone. The first is elegant, sophisticated, and baroque-inspired; then comes the hip, rock, always trendy theme; and lastly the smooth and silky soft theme,” she tells CairoScene. “The three themes all have one thing in common; they are all easy on the eyes and very elegant so we chose a location that is soft in essence to bring out the beauty of each." 

The main star, Norine says, is the gold dress. "I chose gold because I personally love my gold Mate 8. It's one solid rich colour; the cut is edgy yet at the same time soft and body hugging. It looks elegant beyond its time, at least that's how I see it. I personally believe it's the most comfortable gown I have ever made because the fabric drapes very elegantly without needing a corset.” The dress can be worn both front/back or reversed, “a characteristic that also reflects the features I see in the phone,” adds the designer, the first in Egypt to craft a dress inspired by a mobile phone, reversing a trend that has long seen technology draw inspiration from fashion.

Check out all the images from the campaign below.

The designer is also working on her new endeavour, her first foray into home deco with her Home Edition Fabric Collection, created in collaboration with Seda Egypt.

Check out her updates and more photos on Norine Farah's Facebook page and Instagram.