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Summer Wardrobe Staples & Must-Have Beach Buys by Hot Homegrown Brands

It's time for the agonising battlecry of 'hot girl summer' to echo over social media once more, but don't panic. Strut to the beat of your own stylish war drum with these local fashon brands.

Rummaging through old Ikea bags filled to the brim with 2016 flower crowns and marble tops? Feeling defeated by your own lack of forward-thinking whilst simultaneously being hyperaware of your need to show off in Marassi? Well then look no further because this list is microdosing you with our latest locally sourced summer staples. 

Bits and Bob’s Coverups

We found the lazy girl hack to cover up on the go courtesy of budding brand Bits and Bobs, which offers hassle-free options for the girlies who are in dire need of Sahel rendez-vous. 

The Shore Thing’s Fishnet Coverup

Stumbling upon these fishnet sets ignited a full communal squeal to erupt from our office tables. We can’t tell if these were a deliberate choice made by the brand or if a gentrified vintage store handed over their 2009 grunge accouterments to the nearest bidder but that hasn’t stopped us from seeing through the gaping holes - quite literally - and adding them to our list.  

Duet Eg’s Sets 

A cult classic when it comes to locally made beach-side attire, Duet has not known peace since they collectively weaned the masses off H&M maxi dresses since their natality in late 2019. Extensible in nature, the sheer sets and funky wrap-arounds offer refuge from the summer’s scorching heat.  

Nousha Beads’ Beaded Bags  

Not an outfit but a staple piece because let’s face it, no one is actively faffing around with outfits when it’s 50 degrees outside and pools - in their overheated state - feel like swimming beneath the earth’s upper crust and drowning in magma. These beaded staples are in fact your saving grace when you're 7 days into wearing the same linen dress. 

MFNS’s Linen Dress 

Speaking of linen dresses, Dina Dash’s MFNS has recontextualized summer linen to accomodate for women under the age of 50. For the college girlies who actively need to channel that ‘Yacht in Cannes’ aesthetic, MFNS is now your knight in shining armour.  

The Funky Monkey’s Kimonos 

We’ve touched on the not-so-subtle beachy fits so this one goes out to our modest girlies. The Funky Monkey’s kimonos serve as the upscaled bathrobes of our dreams. The long and airy pieces - whilst inadequately ventilating - our innate need to ‘nehteshem’.

Rebel Cairo’s Yarn Co-ord 

If that winter cropped vest of yours has seen better days then trade it in for Rebel’s yarn co-ord and perhaps provoke all too familiar dialogue on ‘enty meshateya wala mesayefa’. 

Zaeri Habibi Set

The modern take on the traditional front-twist garment makes for that cheeky peekabo-esque statement piece we all know and love.