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Summer With Saya

It's rare to find bathing suits that are both flattering to your figure as well as being unique and fashion-forward. We found found them...and they're Egyptian. Saya founder and designer Sara Mofty talks to CairoScene about her new Nocturnal line.

You would assume a country that holds this number of stunning beaches would be filled with an equal number of swimsuit designers but alas, this is not the case. One has to settle for boutiques that bring in swimsuits from abroad or the local shops that lack in variety and identity. With colours of crimson and bordeaux red, caviar black and sea salt white, Saya hits the scene as a local Egyptian brand from head-to-toe making sure to pioneer more Egyptian designers in the swimsuit world.

Now we understand your skepticism - swimsuits are really tricky from the material to the actual execution. You’ll find the swimsuit with a design you love but it may very well come with an unbearable wedgie that you don’t love so much. Saya promises none of that. "What can I say is that these designs are inspired by the pristine shores of the Red Sea and sand dunes of Egyptian deserts, if I were to describe the brand in three words I would, minimalism and romantic,” tells us designer Sara Mofty.

The neoprene swimsuits have us itching to get to the beach and we are especially impressed with the versatility of their first collection, dubbed Nocturnal. As Mofty explains it: “the pieces can be worn day and night. Swimsuits can transform into tops paired with maxi skirts or high waist shorts, because the material is just so good in quality. The bikini tops, for example, can also be used at night as crop tops.” Saya has caught on that neoprene is the new it fabric of the moment, not to mention you’ll be ready to go for impulsive night swims.

Now comes the never-ending question of: “but does it suit my body type?” The variety in designs, cuts and colours in the Nocturnal collection allows you to look both fashionable and comfortable. “Our line is for all body types and most of the designs have wired accents that let you use your imagination to twist, twirl and scrunch the look of your chosen swimsuit to make it unique to you,” continues Mofty.

"The the suits are handmade in Dubai using quality neoprene not to mention the you get two bikinis or dresses in one!” concludes 

Check their Facebook page here and instagram @sayaswimwear